February 24, 2018

Five Exercises to Increase Height Naturally

Who would want to be tall? Well, everyone wants to be tall and beautiful and handsome but not all of us were blessed with height. Height plays an essential role in enhancing an individual’s persona and that is the reason why some people are desperate to increase their height in any way possible. Today, various mediation and acupressure treatments have been put to practice and claim to help gain height. However, these methods are expensive and there is no 100% guarantee that you might succeed in gaining height by these methods.

The best way to increase height naturally is by combining workout routine and proper diet. Proper exercise is essential n toning and strengthening your muscles, triggering the release of hormones that are responsible for height gain. The right diet, on the other hand, helps keep the hormones fresh and active as well as rebuilding themselves. If you are looking at increasing your height naturally, here are a few exercises that will help you do so without the need to seek medical intervention.

Bar Hanging Exercise

Bar hanging exercise is a good form of exercise to help you gain height naturally as it increases the endurance of your hands. It is a way of coordinating with your lower body and has many different variations. You can hang downwards by wrapping your legs on the bar. Alternatively, you can hang on your arms and pull your legs in upward direction then releasing them back to the original position. Doing this exercise regularly will free your body from fats and tone your body. The more your body, the more the height is enhanced.

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is not just a fun kind of game but also a way of growing taller. Skipping involves a series of jumping that triggers the body cells from head to toe, making each muscle to become active. This muscle workout is a perfect way for a streamlined growth of the body, hence boosting the height growth.


Swimming is also another fun form of exercise that will help you attain that height you desire. Just as water is important in our bodies, it is also essential in helping increase height by enhancing your flexibility as well as stimulating the cells within. When swimming, the muscles are pricked in every corner, and this stimulation makes it possible to increase height naturally.

Cobra Stretch

This is a form of yoga exercise and is suitable for stretching your spine, thus making it flexible and supple. It is also essential for the growth of the cartilage located between your vertebrae, resulting in an increase in the vertical height.

Hopping on One Leg

It is one of the easiest form of exercise that can be performed virtually everywhere when doing other activities. Perform this exercise by hoping on one leg with your hands pointing on the upward direction. This bouncing effect is essential for the development of the brain, strengthening of the leg muscles as well as generation of growth hormones responsible for increasing height.

To help perform these exercise, you can check on video tutorials that are available online or on YouTube.

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