January 24, 2018

Basket Ball rules and regulations

The Basketball rules and regulations are pretty straightforward, but it can vary as per the level or the location of the game. However, the basic rules remain the same, and there might be minor variations in the rules when played in other countries. The team with most number of points wins the game, and you get the point by shooting the basketball into your opponent’s basket. You get around 2 points when you shoot from within the 3 point line and 3 points if you get a shot standing outside the 3 point line. Every free throw is about a point.

Offense rules:

The team which has the basketball in its hand is the offence, and when a player is holding the basketball in his hands he/she has to follow the below rules:

When the player is moving both his feet, he must use only one hand to bounce the ball. If the player stops and uses both hands to touch the ball, then he must move only one foot, and the other stationary foot is called as the pivot foot.

A player can take only one dribble. If a particular player stops dribbling, he cannot take another dribble. If he/she starts to drip again, then that player gets a double dribble violation and loses the game. The player can dribble again only when another player passes the ball to them.

The basketball must stay within bounds. If the offensive team loses the ball, the defensive team will gain control of the basketball.

While dribbling the player must use only the top of the ball, and if the player is said to be using the bottom part of the ball, then it is called carrying the ball and the offensive team has to give the ball to the defensive team.

Backcourt violation:

After the offense team crosses the half-court, they are not allowed to go back into the backcourt. If any player from the defensive team knocks down the basketball from the other team’s player into the backcourt, then they need to pass the ball to the offensive team.

Defensive rules:

One of the main rules for the defensive team is not to make any foul. A foul is when there is an advantage due to physical contact. The defensive player must not make any physical contact with the offensive player so that he does not lose or miss his target. The foul rule applies to everyone in the game.

General rules:

A basketball player is not allowed to use their feet to handle the ball or even hit the ball with their fist.

When the basketball is on the rim of the basket or when it is falling from the basket, the players are not allowed to touch it. Every player in the game is subjected to a particular rule, and the positions in the game are mostly for the game strategy, and there are particularly no such rules for positions of the players.

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