What is unworthy of you and why?

Injustices of some sort induce me and it is relatively difficult to get out of one rather than another. But overall anything that touches on any form of segregation irritates me. Racism in relation to skin color, a way of thinking or simply because there is a difference is intolerable. Moreover, nowadays, with all the means of information that one has to have a narrow mind is the inability to open the eyes. It is a form of stupidity that I accept badly. Another thing that upsets me is violence in general and more specifically with regard to children. I am very strict with the people who hurt them. I find it really too easy to attack someone smaller or weaker than it is. How can we not have a feeling of revolt when we see so many people in misery in the year 2000? I try as soon as I can to make my contribution to make our society a better society (godmother of a food bank, godmother of a site of the Telethon …) Finally all that these are only obvious!