March 11, 2018

The Secret behind Athletes’ Preference for Duffel Bags

When looking for bags, most people often overlook at duffel bags. However, most athletes prefer duffel bags to any other types of bags due to some reasons best known to them. There is no doubt that most people prefer backpacks when traveling out or going for fun activities such as hiking or camping but for athletes a duffel bag can’t just be outdone. Here are a few reasons why most athletes prefer duffel bags:

Duffel Bags are Easy to Carry

Most if not all duffel bags are designed with a briefcase –like style handle that allows for a quick shift, or you can easily carry them by throwing the strap over your shoulder as you walk your gears to the car or anywhere around the field. When carrying heavy loads, you can as well wear the bag strap across the body to distribute the weight evenly and avoid being exhausted.leather duffle bag

Duffel Bags Provides Easy Access to Your Gears

Most backpacks are top loaders and this means that if you want to get something from the bottom of the bag, you will have to remove everything out or blindly rifle through the things in your bag with the hope of finding what you are looking for. Unlike backpacks, duffel bags have zips on the upper part of the bag equal to the length of the bag, thus making it easy to access everything in your bag.

Duffel Bags are Tough

Generally, you have to be careful when carrying things using backpacks and avoid bursting the zippers. However, duffel bags are strong and you don’t really need to be careful with them. Most duffel bags are made from heavy and burl materials and designed to be tough other than technical. A good duffel bag can be chucked, tossed, hauled, and dragged without the fear of it being damaged.

With their availability in different sizes and design, a duffel bag is a great bag to own. Its versatility will always be essential to you and will save you the need to have different bags for different activities.

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