January 22, 2018

Tips For Playing Basketball

Whether you are a beginner or a player who wants to get off the bench and play there is always lots of ways to improve yourself in basketball. The most competitive players train very hard each day before they set out for the real match. Some of the best ways to start are by learning to control your position and the ball so that you will be able to dribble the ball easily. The following are some of the tips for playing basketball:

Work on your dribbling skills:

While dribbling your knees must be kept apart, and your feet must be in a position so that you can readily move. Remember not to bounce or drib the ball higher than your waist level. Keep the ball low so that it is under your control.

Start by practicing to drib with your right hand then bounce the ball for about 20 to 30 times then pass the ball to your left hand and try doing the same. Make sure that you have your knees bent, and once you are comfortable with dribbling by standing in one position, you can move around and try the same.

Make sure that the ball does not touch your palm and use only your fingers to control the ball. Your eyes must always be out so that you can keep an eye on the defensive players.

Basketball Game

Shooting the ball:

Always remember the letters BEEFC when you are shooting.

B is for balance. Your body must always be balanced before you shoot. Keep your feet apart, and your knees flexed so that you are in a position to jump and shoot the ball.

E is for eyes. You need to focus on the basket so that you can shoot the ball into the basket.

E is for your elbow. When you shoot, you need to keep your elbows tucked in towards your body.

F is for Follow through. Your hands after it shoots must look like you are reaching out for something.

C is for concentration. You need to fully concentrate on the ball and on the defensive players who will tackle the ball from your hand.

When you are trying to shoot the ball, try to use one hand and use the other hand to maintain the balance of the ball.


When you are defending your arms must always be out and up and make sure that you do not touch the offensive players as you will end up in a foul. Always keep your butt down and your hips back so that you will have proper stability. Keep your focus on the player’s chest and the ball and not on the ball.

The movement of his body will give you an idea where the player is going, and it will give you an idea to make your next move.

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