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I put the chips on the table and started praying.For a better life. For a better sports career.

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When our team won the 1996 Summer Olympics.Life changed.Literally.

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I like snorkeling and deep sea diving in my spare time.I also like to read JRR Tolkien.

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To carry my country’s flag high . To be a great basketball player and a fantastic mom to my two beautiful daughters.

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As a three time Olympian and a stay at home mom, I always aspired to reach for the stars and change my destiny.
What started as a hobby ended up giving me laurels and glory which i never expected or wanted.Not even in the wildest of my dreams.

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How Important is the Right Basketball Shoes for Training?

basketball training shoes

Basketball is the world’s famous sports with many number of players. It takes years of practice and training to be a professional basketball player.

Since basketball is famous, manufacturers take advantage for its popularity and as a result, there are many basketball shoes designs and styles from different famous brands all over the world.


Why the Right Basketball Shoes is a Big Deal

Basketball shoes are big deal because shoes is the only equipment a basketball player has during a game. Even NBA players, as we all know has their own preferred comfort foot wears.

Basketball shoes can give player the confidence to jump and move, to run, and making his performance even better than the usual. Whatever happens, basketball shoes can help you the best player. Your shoes have the power to break or make your performance and your image as a player.

In addition, a player can do his moves perfectly and avoid some injuries during practice and game. Also, you can have free-movements.


If a basketball player’s shoes do not give enough heel cushioning, the repeated impact of running and jumping could cause both soft-tissue injury and stress fractures. Inadequate ankle support could allow the ankle to roll painfully. Even if the player does not have a one-time foot accident, repetitive-use injuries and other chronic problems can develop in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.

best basketball shoes

How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes for You?

Basketball shoes is different from one another in many ways, like for such, on its design, size, cushioning, price, brand, traction and its structure. If you are prone of getting twisted or injured ankle, go for a shoes that is sufficient for ankle support. Go for the high-cut or mid-cut styled basketball shoes are ideal for you.


If you want some comfort while playing, try some cushioning shoes which will give you enough time to do the practice, training and the game without hurting your foot.


If you want to have a safer game, try traction shoes with a great grip support. This can help you to avoid slipping which cause injuries. For a safer game play, try to search for shoes with solid traction support.


What to Consider When Buying a Basketball Shoes?

There are three styles which are low-cut, mid cut, and high-cut. When choosing the shoe style, it actually depends on your playing style and how you look wish to show-up as a player. This count as your own preference of comfortable wears that grants you ease of movement.

If you want to avoid serious ankle support, go for high-cut styled shoes. However, this one is the heaviest. If you want that is preferable for kids amd for easy movement, go for low-cut styled shoes. This is the lightest to wear but it doesn’t give ankle support.


If you want to have a shoes which is popular among the players, either for beginners or professionals, then go for mid-cut. This is lighter than the high-cut styled shoes, yet it supports your ankle.


good basketball shoesSize of a Basketball Shoes

Be certain that you know the size of your foot. There is nothing more important that right fitting. Our feet usually changes without us noticing, which is why, regular foot measuring would be advisable before purchasing any shoes. Basketball shoes should not be too tight as they need to allow the foot to have some flexibility and breathing room to use it.

To find out how much room to leave in the shoe is appropriate when the shoe is worn, press your thumb into the space between the front end of the shoe and your big toe. If the space available is roughly the length of a thumbnail, the shoe is a good fit.

The other thing to note about shoes is that the upper on the top of a shoe that the foot slips into when it is worn must keep the foot securely in place within a basketball shoe while a player is in action.


Before purchasing, make sure to fit the shoes. Here are some tips when buying shoes:

  • Try the shoes on and walk through it around the store.
  • If there is uncomfortable or cramped feeling, don’t buy the shoes and look for a better one.
  • Decide what type of socks you are pairing it to, make sure that it would be a great fit to the size you are about to buy.

You may be experiencing hard time figuring out what suits you best from the many options you have, but the very important thing to hold on to when buying, is the quality and comfort of the footwear.

Best Way To Teach Children With Autism Basketball

basketball news

As a basketball Coach working at different children camps and clinics, you will come across life-changing practices while teaching kids with autism the necessary developmental basketball skills. Most people think that young children with autism or other handicap problems do not need to learn the essential skills and principles associated with basketball.

However, I have learned that it is vital to train autistic children the same basketball skills and principles as children without disabilities but in a customized manner. As an ambitious Basketball Trainer, you will need to focus on individual skill growth, teamwork, and communication when teaching kids with autism.

These three elements of basketball are a few secrets to success anytime you coaching basketball to young children who have autism.


autism basketbal


As a coach, you should be able to learn new and modern techniques of teaching personal skill development, teamwork, and communication that will assist young children with autism build their basketball skills and gain self-confidence and capabilities that will help in the general spectrum of living a healthy life.

Below is an explanation of the best ways you can use to teach basketball to children with autism.

Personal Skill Development:

Personal skill development is the first step toward to becoming a better basketball player and players can boost their skills by working on their weak points and broaden their skills via personal skill development. When working with autistic children, I have encountered, just like some children without disabilities that the players tend to concentrate mostly on their strengths and are not interested in identifying their weaknesses.

Furthermore, the players are often hesitant to work on skills that could enhance their performance. To conquer this developmental issue, you need to come up with a principle that will help children improve on their weaknesses or areas that they are not very competent.

A quick transition principle will, therefore, be essential in helping children with autism strengthen their skills while transitioning to new activities that require more efforts and finally getting them back to their comfort zone. To help children with autism get out of their comfort zone can be a big challenge and anytime it happens it becomes a success to any coach.

I have achieved success by applying this principle and would recommend to anyone whose objective is to encourage children with autism to develop their basketball skills as well as their weakness and strengths. Personal skill development is an essential aspect and is a much required skill to help the use of teamwork.


Teamwork is the core principle of basketball and any other game. Although it is vital to have players enhance their skills, they must at all-time play as a team so that they can achieve the overall objective. Teamwork is the most challenging aspect of training children with autism, but it can be possible.

The secret here is to start by launching a simple idea of two people cooperating to make a pass, defend balls, score a basket, or any other concept of the basketball game. Once the two players are at ease with attaining a common goal, efficiently change them over into small groups by adding one person into the equation.

As soon as they are qualified in this area, keep on adding one player after another until you reach a maximum of five players that can contribute to the general team goals.  This will enable the children to understand the concept of working together as a team and quickly learn how to play basketball.  Although teamwork is vital, it needs to be incorporated into communications to achieve success.


special needs basketball


Communication in basketball is probably one of the things that can prevent a good team from becoming a great team. Communication is the voice that leads a team to success since it generates energy and provides framework as well as order.

Children who have autism might have different types of communication difficulties. For instance, you may come across children who communicate properly using brief and precise words and phrases, and others who cannot verbally communicate their feelings at all.

When talking to children with autism, it is essential that you keep your instructions precise, and direct. You also need to be repetitive and demonstrate exactly what you want them to perform.

Demonstrating a particular skill or idea greatly helps in the development of the children’s skills, and they will appreciate having a leader to reflect and imitate after. Of the three tips to successful coaching of basketball to children with autism, communication is most crucial in creating a great team as well as excellent players.

In conclusion, children with autism deserve the same love and care as those without any disabilities. Basketball is, therefore, a great way of helping these children develop personal skills and enhance their interaction through communication with other members of their team.

As an inspiring coach, your ultimate goal is to have these kids improve their skills by applying different teaching techniques. I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to understand some of the ways you can use basketball concepts to children with different disabilities and help them get better day by day.

How To Easily Start A Promising Basketball Career

basketball news

Basketball is among the world’s most famous sports, with an incredible number of players at every stage from junior to professional. Perfecting the game usually takes years of training and practice, with players of substantial skill levels getting opportunities to contend at the senior schools, colleges as well as professional standards.

An improvement over a short time is often difficult. However, you may make progress – especially in primary areas that offer the framework for future success if you are a novice in this field.


But How Do I Start A Successful Basketball Career?

Beginning your career in basketball can be fascinating, frightening and much like getting into an unfamiliar dark place. You probably don’t have an idea of what is in front of you. You are stuck and don’t know which way to turn. It is a steep path to follow that requires courage and lots of determination to be successful.

Turning into a professional basketball player requires more than skills and motivation. However, if your ultimate goal is to improve your skills and build your professional career, you will be required to have proper coaching and competitive knowledge of the game.

At the beginning of your basketball career, you will have the opportunity to achieve success. However, doing certain things will help you develop that career and remain successful in the long run. Below are a couple of those particular things you can do to start a successful basketball career.

nba careers

Find A Mentor.

A mentor is a person who has a vast experience or knowledge in a particular field and can help a less experienced person gain the knowledge needed to pursue his or her career successfully. Developing a personal relationship with a more experienced person in basketball is a great advantage if you intend to start a promising basketball career as you will get the opportunity to communicate and learn from him or her.

Under their mentorship, you will be able to learn every vital aspect of developing a successful basketball career. Be aggressive and ask all the relevant questions that on different techniques that will help you achieve your goals.

Seek your mentorship programs from old basketball players, current coaches and trainers, former coaches, and college players.


Develop A Vision For Your Career.

What do you want to achieve as a basketball player? Where would you like to find yourself in the near future? Develop some long term and short term objectives to assist you in moving closer to your vision.

This is not an easy job throughout the beginning of your career. Nevertheless, it is an essential task. That is why getting a mentor is vital.  They are more experienced in what you are about to encounter and can easily help you achieve those goals you intend to accomplish. Get to them and discuss the possibilities of your expected achievements at your level.


Start Your Career While As Young As Possible.

A prosperous basketball career begins at an early age with the basic concepts and guidelines. Unless you are naturally talented, it is virtually impossible to sail through to the professional without developing an early foundation.  It is therefore essential to start as early as possible to gain the much-needed experience that will help you sail through your career.

Joining the school or community team is a great idea as they will provide you with the necessary experience and instructions to encounter your career.

Also, consider joining or attending Youth leagues and basketball camps that are virtually everywhere in town. They will provide you with the relevant skills and expose you to different persons capable of mentoring and motivating you to do better and become a successful basketball player.


Commit Yourself To Skill Development.

The only approach to you can use to acquire innovative skills, improve your basketball IQ and become a professional basketball player from time to time is to work beyond the regular team practice. This will help you gain unique skills that will help you stand out among many basketball players.


Ways to commit yourself to skill development:

  • Participating in local development lessons with an instructor.
  • Participating in basketball camps organized by individuals, colleges, and universities as well as other organizations.
  • Studying personal footage of games previously played by high ranking basketball players such as Michael Jordan or even games played by top clubs and teams worldwide.
  • Watching college games played within your locality as well as those played outside your region.

Train vigorously.

Just like any other sport, basketball requires lots of training to be successful. Focus on personal training to develop the much-needed endurance, fitness as well as energy. Have a scheduled work out program and seek instructions from a qualified trainer.

Besides the physical training, perfect your basketball skills on the court by trying out new skills and techniques. Maintain the training and focus on your goals.

Developing your basketball career may seem difficult and discouraging, but with commitments, hard work, and determination, you can quickly start a promising career that will see you rise to the top professional basketball players of all time.

Basket Ball rules and regulations

How to Play Basketball

The Basketball rules and regulations are pretty straightforward, but it can vary as per the level or the location of the game. However, the basic rules remain the same, and there might be minor variations in the rules when played in other countries. The team with most number of points wins the game, and you get the point by shooting the basketball into your opponent’s basket. You get around 2 points when you shoot from within the 3 point line and 3 points if you get a shot standing outside the 3 point line. Every free throw is about a point.

Offense rules:

The team which has the basketball in its hand is the offence, and when a player is holding the basketball in his hands he/she has to follow the below rules:

When the player is moving both his feet, he must use only one hand to bounce the ball. If the player stops and uses both hands to touch the ball, then he must move only one foot, and the other stationary foot is called as the pivot foot.

A player can take only one dribble. If a particular player stops dribbling, he cannot take another dribble. If he/she starts to drip again, then that player gets a double dribble violation and loses the game. The player can dribble again only when another player passes the ball to them.

The basketball must stay within bounds. If the offensive team loses the ball, the defensive team will gain control of the basketball.

While dribbling the player must use only the top of the ball, and if the player is said to be using the bottom part of the ball, then it is called carrying the ball and the offensive team has to give the ball to the defensive team.

Backcourt violation:

After the offense team crosses the half-court, they are not allowed to go back into the backcourt. If any player from the defensive team knocks down the basketball from the other team’s player into the backcourt, then they need to pass the ball to the offensive team.

Defensive rules:

One of the main rules for the defensive team is not to make any foul. A foul is when there is an advantage due to physical contact. The defensive player must not make any physical contact with the offensive player so that he does not lose or miss his target. The foul rule applies to everyone in the game.

General rules:

A basketball player is not allowed to use their feet to handle the ball or even hit the ball with their fist.

When the basketball is on the rim of the basket or when it is falling from the basket, the players are not allowed to touch it. Every player in the game is subjected to a particular rule, and the positions in the game are mostly for the game strategy, and there are particularly no such rules for positions of the players.

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Tips For Playing Basketball

basketball news

Whether you are a beginner or a player who wants to get off the bench and play there is always lots of ways to improve yourself in basketball. The most competitive players train very hard each day before they set out for the real match. Some of the best ways to start are by learning to control your position and the ball so that you will be able to dribble the ball easily. The following are some of the tips for playing basketball:

Work on your dribbling skills:

While dribbling your knees must be kept apart, and your feet must be in a position so that you can readily move. Remember not to bounce or drib the ball higher than your waist level. Keep the ball low so that it is under your control.

Start by practicing to drib with your right hand then bounce the ball for about 20 to 30 times then pass the ball to your left hand and try doing the same. Make sure that you have your knees bent, and once you are comfortable with dribbling by standing in one position, you can move around and try the same.

Make sure that the ball does not touch your palm and use only your fingers to control the ball. Your eyes must always be out so that you can keep an eye on the defensive players.

Basketball Game

Shooting the ball:

Always remember the letters BEEFC when you are shooting.

B is for balance. Your body must always be balanced before you shoot. Keep your feet apart, and your knees flexed so that you are in a position to jump and shoot the ball.

E is for eyes. You need to focus on the basket so that you can shoot the ball into the basket.

E is for your elbow. When you shoot, you need to keep your elbows tucked in towards your body.

F is for Follow through. Your hands after it shoots must look like you are reaching out for something.

C is for concentration. You need to fully concentrate on the ball and on the defensive players who will tackle the ball from your hand.

When you are trying to shoot the ball, try to use one hand and use the other hand to maintain the balance of the ball.


When you are defending your arms must always be out and up and make sure that you do not touch the offensive players as you will end up in a foul. Always keep your butt down and your hips back so that you will have proper stability. Keep your focus on the player’s chest and the ball and not on the ball. The movement of his body will give you an idea where the player is going, and it will give you an idea to make your next move.